About Our Farm 

Farm Tables & More, Inc. is a table rental service company based in South California. We offer rustic farm tables for different kinds of events within our state. The company began by a mere chance over a decade ago.

A bride had a vision for farm tables at her wedding that took place in 2012. She searched for the right tables to rent out in Southern California but she was unlucky.

After many months of searching in vain, she decided to make perfect tables based on her theme and style. The company founders took matters in their own hands. They hired a qualified carpenter to help them build 13 rustic farm tables.

On the same night, a bride-to-be spotted the rustic tables as she walked past the venue. She talked to some guests at the wedding to find out how she’d hire the same tables. She was the first person to rent the tables, followed by many more customers.

FT&M has grown over the years to include more tables, lighting, chairs, design furniture and much more to its portfolio things for event rental. Today, the company is based in Sorrento Valley, CA, where it owns a large warehouse.

The rustic farm table rental company serves the entire Southern California region every weekend. We’re happy to serve you with top notch tables for your event.

We ensure that our furniture are always in good condition before renting them out. What’s more, our prices are reasonable to help brides plan for a cost-effective wedding.


We pride in our team that’s highly trained and experienced in what we do. They don’t just look after our rental items, but also deliver exceptional customer service. We’ve trained them in setting up furniture and lighting equipment at your venue.

They also offer exceptional customer service. We care about meeting your needs and satisfying your expectations. Your happiness and satisfaction with our services is our happiness. Our success depends on your success. Therefore, we work hard to meet all your needs and demands.

What’s more, we’re always available whenever you need to hire furniture for your event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or even just a get-together, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Contact us for more information about our rental services that meet your unique needs for all kinds for events.

What We Do

At Farm Tables and More, what we do is to rent rustic farm tables and other items for events. We create high quality tables using hardwood to grace all kinds of event, ranging from wedding and parties to

Vision & Mission

The mission of Farm Tables and More is to help event planners have access to affordable rustic tables for hire.

Our vision is to ensure that event hosts or planners in Southern California have access to stylish events tables. Long-term, we aim at providing all events within the region with all they need to prepare for an event.


Farm Tables and More is a furniture rental company that was founded over a decade ago. It began with only 13 tables to serve its customers across Southern California. The rustic tables allow event planners to decorate their events as they desire, but with a warm touch.

We offer tables, chairs, lighting, design furniture and other things you may need to decorate your events venue. We’ve been in the market long enough to know what people look for when decorating venues for their events. We’re your go-to rental company for events furniture, lighting and much more.

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Contact us for more information about our rental services that meet your unique needs for all kinds for events.