How to Decorate Your Farm Tables for a Wedding Party

A wedding hosted on a farm allows you to add rustic elements to your reception or party. Whether you’re planning a farm wedding with the natural environment as the backdrop or one with farm life hints, opt for refined aesthetics to avoid going overboard.

Tables can be round, long or square, but farm tables are long. Also known as farmhouse tables or harvest tables, they come in modern designs with classic looks.

Reminiscent of a family-style dining experience, the tables allow guests to sit in one place to share their wedding’s bounty happiness. The tables give wedding receptions a warm and homey look and feel. However, you can easily dress up your tables for a formal look.

Built wide, long and rectangular, a farm table can accommodate four to ten guests. Set the tables up around your venue individually or join them end-to-end to get a single long table. Farm tables make large wedding reception venues feel more intimate with unlimited design options to consider.

Farm tables add dimension and warmth to reception venues while defining your celebratory atmosphere.

Prioritize the need to decorate with rural décor, ranging from playing up with seasonal colors to converting packets of seed into chic and stylish escort cards.

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Do you prefer the pastel tones of spring or fall’s moody hues for your wedding, or farm-to-table floral arrangements? Whichever is the case, you can personalize your wedding décor to reflect your unique personality. Here’re tips to help you decorate your farm tables for a memorable rustic wedding:

8 Tips to Decorate Farmhouse Tables for Your Wedding Reception

Balance out your space

Create vibrancy and depth in empty rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and lofty ceilings. Organize long, lean banquet tables in rows or U-shapes to bring your venue to life with lines of textures and colors.

Use jewel-tone linens

A long farm table goes well with a rich palette of jewel tones for a rustic wedding reception. Enhance the appearance of your venue with aubergine napkins, crushed velvet teal runners, and emerald accessories for a warm and fuzzy look and feel.

Add voluminous centerpieces

Long rows of farmhouse tables connected to each other are popular because they give a beautiful visual effect. They act as beautiful centerpieces that grab the attention of guests in stylish weddings.

Design a long and continuous centerpiece running down the center of an entire row of farm tables to optimize this effect. Mirror the effect in adjacent rows if you’re using multiple rows of farm tables.

Decorate with smaller pieces or voluminous centerpieces down the table length as you deem fit. Hire a florist to help you create a master centerpiece to make your simple farmhouse tables look fabulous.

Fresh farm-to-table elements can take your centerpieces a notch higher together with your choice of flowers. Include unexpected fruits and veggies such as artichokes in your centerpieces and add bowls of plums and figs on the tables for a fresh look.

Decorate with colorful glassware

Give your tables a pop of color using beautiful and colorful glassware. Opt for a single hue or style to streamline your table design or an eclectic arrangement of different colors and textures for a desirable visual effect.

Colored glassware is both beautiful and functional to improve the look of your harvest tables.

Make a bold statement with table runners


Use a statement runner that extends the whole length of your tables and hangs loose on both ends. Pick contrasting or bold colors, a fun pattern, or delicately crafted or lacy runners to dress your harvest tables.

Give it a simple yet eye-appealing touch with the addition of lanterns, candles, or targeted flower arrangements bound to give your tables some height, texture, and pattern. White and black stripes add glam while a boho look and an intricate pattern give an eclectic thematic design.

A hemstitch linen runner adds a layer of charm to your rustic tables. Stack dinnerware in white and navy patterns to give your tables a striking look. Complete the look with etched and heirloom silver glassware.

Layer a runner with graphics on it over a solid tablecloth for added texture. Choose beautiful vases that complement your wedding theme and décor to hold your flowers.

Disperse your wedding décor details


Farm tables are large with lots of space to fill, but you don’t have to cover every inch of space. Instead, accentuate a few strategic spots on the table to prevent a clutter of décor or color overload.

Line tall candlesticks in the middle of the rows of tables, brighten the chairs with bold-colored cushions or opt for bold place cards and your wedding menu.

Play around with shape and height


Choose plates in shapes that mimic that of your harvest tables for a complementary look. Use décor of varying heights to add dimension to your long tables and break them up.

Alternate statement vases with petite votives and small to medium hurricane candles, or thin taper candles with ceramic vases to add height.



Whichever way you decide to decorate your farm tables, you’re bound to have a beautiful and charming wedding. Make sure you pick décor pieces that complement your style and personality.

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