Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Event

Planning an event sounds exciting and adventurous, but it has intricate details and unending things to consider. If you don’t do it correctly, your guests will blame you for organizing a despicable event. Consequently, every detail of the event planning process must be handled with care and precision. Here are the things that can go wrong when you are planning your next event.

Having Insufficient Technology

Organizing an event requires a deep understanding of current technology. Although it is possible to install your technology during the event day, many things could go wrong if you don’t get your team’s technology ready.

Before the event’s commencement, ask your technology personnel to conduct an assessment of all technical devices. They should ensure that each one of them is working properly. For instance, adapters, microphones, projectors, TV screens, and software should be tech-checked before the material day.

Once you have determined that every item is working correctly, you should also keep a team of experts on standby. Their work is to move in and repair any device not working properly.

Poor Communication Before The Event

You need to know the right type of communication required to stage a successful event. Prepare a full list of organizers and guests. If you don’t communicate enough information or communicate insufficient information, your event will not be successful. Some organizers fail to communicate local resources, directions, full agenda, and guest badges. As a result, precious time is lost during the early hours of the event.

Your budget may not allow you to conduct regular communication, but you should email everyone before the material event date. Also, it would be best if you communicated any changes as soon as they are discovered. This ensures that everybody is on the right page.

Ignoring the Five Senses

Your event must appeal to all the five senses. Some event organizers concentrate on the content of the event. They ignore other subconscious senses such as touch, sounds, tastes, smells, and sights. The idea is to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible.

You can start by playing a fitting soundtrack and stimulating present aromas. Moreover, your crew should be dressed appropriately, and you should ask them to be charming, friendly, and happy. These may seem like small things, but they will go a long way in making a difference.

For instance, you can buy over boards that can be used at the event. However, you must learn the basics of hoverboards. The ideal hoverboards will be based on the terrain you plan to ride on.

Lack of Enough Food

Your guest will need to feed and drink during the event. Unfortunately, some event organizers fail to get enough food for all the guests. It would be best if you took care of the catering before the event starts. That means acquiring delicious meals, snacks, and drinks.

The meals should be strategically placed so that guests can be prompted to eat. Your catering team should also have a variety of meals to cater to different tastes. It’s also clear that the meals should be fresh and include diverse dietary and cultural preferences. The idea is to appeal to a wide number of people.

Lack of Photography and Videography

You need to record the event for later analysis, comparison, and promotion. Moreover, these videos can be played at later events.

You should hire photographers and buy the best cameras. The cameras should capture the entertainment, the mingling, guests arrival, and the general atmosphere of the event. Some event organizers go as far as life streaming their events online. Live streaming is a form of promotion that will attract people to your next event.

Forgetting to Make a Follow-up

Once the event has come to an end, some event planners end it there. This is a catastrophic mistake because attendees want to be reminded of the event. There are many things you can do to make a follow-up. For example, you can send photos of the event to specific attendees.

Make a video of an attendee’s entire attendance and send the video to that attendee. You can also ask the attendees to rate the experience and make any comments. The follow-up will please the attendees and give you valuable information to implement in the next event. You can also encourage the attendees to talk about the event on your social media pages.

Failure to Find the Climax

The ending is one of the most important parts of any event. If the event ends on a low note, that is the thing people will take home. Therefore, make sure that you find something fascinating and stretch it on the last day of the event. People will remember it and talk about it for many days to come.


Organizing the best event is a difficult process, but these tips will make it easier. Remember, preparation is the most important part of any event.


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